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Delivering uptime and consistent performance at scale to mission-critical Atlassian applications.

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Single sign-on and identity management

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Maximize application uptime

High Availability

High Availability

Minimize downtime and give users uninterrupted access to critical applications even during upgrades and search re-indexing with active-active clustering of servers

Ripristino di emergenza

Ensure business continuity and maintain RTO (recovery time objective) even in the face of complete system or location outage with a disaster recovery strategy


Minimize single points of failure by integrating with industry-standard technologies for database clustering and shared file systems

Prestazioni scalabili

Deliver consistent performance to more users

Bilanciamento del carico

Maintain consistent performance as you scale by intelligently distributing load across the cluster with any industry-standard software or hardware load-balancer

Concurrent user capacity

Instantly scale to more concurrent users without sacrificing performance by adding a new node to your cluster

QoS Targets

Support quality of service (QoS) targets for critical teams by dedicating nodes to specific traffic types

Easily control your application deployment

Scalabilità immediata

Deployment flessibile

Align with your company's infrastructure choice by deploying on-premise or in the public cloud (AWS, Azure)

Authentication and control

Control authentication to critical applications with SAML 2.0 and integration with enterprise identity providers

Predictable costs

Scale your environment at predictable costs with user count-based licensing

Atlassian tools are used by 5000+ employees worldwide and have become key to our teams. We can't afford down-time or latency so we are moving to Data Center solutions to provide around the clock access without compromising performance. —Frederick Ros
Head of Quality and Lifecycle Management, Amadeus

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Frequently asked questions

What does Data Center cost?

Please review our Data Center purchasing FAQ for detailed pricing information.

How do I evaluate Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, HipChat or Crowd Data Center?

You can evaluate Data Center clustering by downloading some or all of our Data Center products (Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, HipChat, or Crowd) and creating a new Data Center evaluation license in My Atlassian to enable active clustering. 

I'm already using a Server product, how much does it cost to migrate to Data Center?

Please review our Data Center purchasing FAQ for more information

I'm new to Atlassian and we don't currently own Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, HipChat, or Crowd. What are my next steps?

We recommend that you evaluate our Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk, or Crowd server products to ensure that they meet your needs (we're confident that they will). You can request a Data Center evaluation key to enable active clustering. To evaluate HipChat Data Center, request a Data Center evaluation key and download here.

How can I learn more about what's required on our end?

For detailed information on Data Center, please review our Data Center documentation. For specific guidelines on node sizing in a clustered environment, we recommend you read our technical guidelines for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

Where can I learn more about Data Center performance improvements?

Atlassian has conducted performance testing on Data Center in our labs. To learn more, visit the performance testing documentation for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

Are there end-user feature differences between the single Server and Data Center deployment options?

No. Other than the active clustering capabilities, at present Data Center products have the same end-user features as the single Server products.

How are Marketplace add-ons licensed for the Data Center deployment option?

There is no Data Center specific licensing for Marketplace add-ons at this time. You can use any add-on Server license as long as the user tier is greater than or equal to the user tier of your Data Center license.

What Marketplace add-ons are supported for the Data Center deployment option?

Marketplace add-ons that support Data Center are designated with a 'Data Center' lozenge on their Marketplace profile. You can also filter by Data Center hosting.

We built our own plugin. Is that supported with the Data Center deployment option?

Most plugins will work in a clustered environment but some may require changes. Please refer to this guide for more information.

Is Disaster Recovery available for Data Center?

Disaster Recovery is only available for Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk Data Center. Please refer to this guide for more information.