Reliability at Atlassian

We're committed to providing highly available and performant software.


Our services are built on best-in-class core technologies, and we're relentless when it comes to hunting down possible points of failure. 

We publish our availability status in real-time and have an infrastructure that takes advantage of elastic scale, geo-redundancy, and failure options across the globe to improve latency, manage redundancy, and expand as needed.


We optimize the QA process by empowering developers to test their own features. Feature flags and rolling deployments are used to test code and applications with a small set of customers to quickly identify issues, roll back where necessary, and constantly improve the customer experience.


We're constantly improving performance by monitoring key measures such as load times, search responsiveness, attachments, and how quickly our applications are delivered from our data centers to your browser.

Incident response

Our engineering teams follow a consistent incident management process which includes global coverage and multiple levels of escalation. We're continuously improving our process to reduce the impact of incidents, decrease the amount of time it takes to resolve it, and most importantly avoid the chance of repeat incidents.